Holiday gift guide for Wine Lovers

Posted by Idaho Wine Commission on Dec 20, 2019

It may be a tradition to leave milk and cookies for Santa. But for the rest of us, it's wine please! Everyone knows wine is the best holiday gift.

  1. You can take it to parties.
  2. It fits snugly inside stockings.
  3. You can tailor it to each person's individual tastes and style.

We could go on and on...

And while great giving begins with a beguiling bottle, it doesn't end there. Think of all the things that can go with it! We're talking about the best glasses for swirling (personalized with etched initials), the best openers for uncorking (or the best stoppers for unspoiling) and the most charming of wine charms (the more bling, the better), just to name a few.

When it comes to wine gifts, there's a veritable Santa's sack of possibility for every wine lover on your gift list. Most Idaho wineries have some kind of wine-themed swag. Here's an amuse-bouche of a few of our favorites tannic-tinged gift ideas...

Give the VIP treatment
It's the pinnacle of Idaho's winter wine event calendar: Sippin’ in the City is where Idaho winemakers showcase the best they have on offer. Traditionally held in November, we've decided to host a January event in 2020. In addition to wine, some of Idaho's most innovative culinary artists show off sweet and savory creations, and local musicians keep the mood fun and festive. Tickets usually sell out well in advance. So imagine the surprise and delight when you give a pair (or more) to your wine-loving VIP.

Pack up the party
Most wineries offer some type of holiday swag. Half the fun is showing up at your favorite winery or cidery for a glass (or two) and seeing what other cute little treasures you stumble upon. In addition to feeling good about "shopping small," you also are supporting Idaho wine and cider producers. For example, Telaya Wine Co has prepared two festive party packs for the holidays, including your friendly, bottle-hugging gnome.

Keep it simple with gift cards & memberships
Trying to match the perfect gift to every person is the number one way to invite in holiday stress. To that, we say: don't overthink it. The stigma of gift cards being too cold and impersonal has long ago been replaced by the convenience and freedom it gives to both the giver and the receiver. These gift cards from Cinder Wines even give you something back – an additional $25 for every $200 spent. Last year, nearly 1/3 of Americans purchased more than $42 billion in gift cards. Likewise, wine-club memberships are the gift that keeps on giving. Many wineries can even ship directly to where your loved ones are.

Don't roar when you can growl!
Wine... It's not just for glasses anymore. Meet the wine growler! What is that, you ask? Growlers are containers or vessels that are used to transport beverages (sometimes craft beers) from their source (craft breweries or cideries). Now, just apply that same idea to wine. The benefit? Growlers aren't just for one-time use. It's all about the refill, which often comes with a discount. Fujishin Family Cellars has a popular Growler program. So,  if you have someone environmentally conscious, who also loves wine, give 'em a growler. Bonus: They know you're a friend who will go with them for a refill. 

Get crafty and class it up
If you can't find the perfect gift, you can always make it. Nothing shows genuine affection better than something made from your own two-hands. Not creatively inclined? Fear not! Many Idaho wineries offer crafting classes that'll walk you through one step at a time. If you're particularly close, you can plan ahead and craft something together. For example, Indian Creek Winery recently help a wreath-making workshop. Split Rail Winery regularly hosts jewelry making classes. And wineries and cideries all over Idaho host fitness classes that you can give to one or more friends.

Think outside of the box
No one said that gifts have to be something you give. The best gifts are the ones you experience together – such as planning an excursion to a new winery or a tour of wineries in a certain region. Groups like Snake River Wine Tours and Indulge Boise Food Tours specialize in this type of activity. Individual guides are also available for hire in the Sunny Slope region, Garden City’s Urban Wine scene and Northern Idaho. Another option is to examine our event calendar for wine-pairing dinners, concerts and other activities. Some Idaho wineries partner with local organizations (like Par Terre Winery and Ballet Idaho is one elegant combo that comes to mind) for memorable evenings that pair wine with art, music or performance. 

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