The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Idaho Wine Region

Posted by Idaho Wine Commission on Jul 31, 2019

Have you talked yourself out of visiting a nearby winery? It’s more common than you think. Let’s answer some of those roadblock questions and get you to the grapes.


What Do I Wear?

Definitely wear clothes. Idaho winery visits are not formal occasions. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with. Cowboy boots with black ties are totally up to you. Just try to wear close-toed shoes and sunscreen if you’re planning a walk through the vineyard.


Where Do I Go?

Each of Idaho’s 50+ wineries have their own style—large, small, urban, rural, old-school, ultra-modern, traditional or experimental. The one thing they have in common is that they like visitors and want them to try their wines.

Check out the regional maps to see which wineries are nearby. Find out winery hours and events before you go. You can download an Idaho Wine Tour Brochure to map out your trip.


Where Should I Visit?

There is no “wrong” time of year to visit a winery. If you’re going to a vineyard, remember that grape vines are just like other plants. Vines will be bare in winter and loaded with fruit in the fall. Plan accordingly for your Instagram photos.

Tasting rooms are open year-round and often have new release parties, tasting flights, or even classes like crafts or yoga. Check the calendar before you go.


How Do I Get There?

Wineries are easy to get to. If you’re going to have multiple glasses of wine, plan ahead and take a taxi or designate a driver.


Who Should I Bring?

At Idaho wineries everyone is welcome. Bring your friends, your parents, your significant other, a date, a business meeting, your kiddos or even your dog. Or if you need a little “me time,” go solo.


What If I Don't Know Much (or anything) About Wine?

You’re the one we want to see the most! Tell a tasting room employee that you’re new to Idaho wines and ask for their guidance. Sampling a flight is a great way to discover more about your personal palate.


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