Why Buy Local Wine?

Posted by Idaho Wine Commission on Jul 17, 2019

Buy local. Shop small. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We hear this so much it’s become a cliché. But sometimes people talk a good game about eating local while forgetting to drink local.  

Wine is portable. Freshness is not a problem. Bottles don’t get squished and bruised. So why buy local wines? 

Help the Earth

Oh yeah, the planet! Fewer hydrocarbons are burned when you don’t have to ship wine. All you need for picking up local wines are two arms and a reusable tote bag. Our recommendation: Reward yourself for helping mother nature by sampling a new varietal when you get to the tasting room. 

Boost the Economy

When you purchase Idaho wine, it not only supports Idaho grape growers and winemakers, but also local restaurants, stores and even local consumers. Ultimately that means money stays in Idaho and goes back into our communities. Every dollar spent in-state generates twice as much local income for the economy.

Define your Local Cuisine

Wine is now made in all 50 states. But each produces wildly different characteristics that reflect the region. These attributes—like a robust red or a crisp, dry Riesling—act as inspiration for local chefs who design Idaho-themed meals. All of this fosters a sense of community for locals and gives visitors something to discover as they travel through.

Wine Glass swirl 

Back it up with Quality

There is no reason to buy local products if you don’t like them. Before all else it should be the flavor and quality that drive your decision. Take comfort in the fact that Idaho makes award-winning wines. Now it’s up to you to discover your favorite.

Study Up

Get smart about what’s out there. Why yes, Idaho does grow wine grapes. No, we don’t make wine from potatoes. With more than 50 wineries around the state and 30 different varietals there’s something for every taste. Plus, research can be fun (when you get to drink it).