Wine-themed gifts that'll really pop your cork

Holiday shopping can be stressful — especially for the ones who seem to have everything. But we know a secret: you can't go wrong with wine. For one thing, giving wine is easy. You don’t need to know the difference between a Beaujolais and a Grenache.

At the most basic level, it's just choosing between red and white (and sometimes pink). Secondly, there's an almost endless stream of wine-adjacent gift ideas (like food, totes, glasses and more) floating out there. All you have to do is find them.

And that's where we come in. We've rounded up a few of our favorite tannic trinkets that are guaranteed to make any oenophile smile.

Boxes of bottles

You can't go wrong with a bottle of wine or two. Make it a case if you really want to impress. A wine lover can never get enough of what they love. Not sure what that is? Challenge them with something rare or strange and it's a chance for them to explore new ground.

And in Idaho, there's plenty of ground to cover. With more than 60 wineries and 1,300 acres of vineyards and counting, your options are overflowing. Even better, they're just waiting for you with pre-packaged gift options, available for curbside pickup or delivery, so all you have to do is choose the best one for you.

Over in Sunnyslope, Huston Vineyards has come up with holiday-themed "Christmas Paks" with playful names like the "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" Pak and the "It's the Most Wonderful Wine of the Year" Pak.

In Garden City, Telaya Wine Co. has grouped their gifts ideas into easy-to-pick categories like "Big and Bold," "Newest Variety of Reds" or even "The Irish Set," featuring their 2019 Anam-"Clash," 2018 Sruth - "River," and 2018 Turas - "Journey." You can find everything in their online holiday gift guide, as well as a few other outside-the-bottle ideas that make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

Meanwhile, up North, Pend d'Oreille Winery has a large selection of individual wines to satisfy the tastes of every wine lover on your list — and a whole lot more. But if you want to be even more original, check out the gift shop, which features one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wine-themed gifts from local Idaho artists. You won't find anything like them in Sandpoint (or anywhere else in the state, for that matter).

And this is just the beginning. Click here for our complete list of Idaho Wineries.

Classy & glassy

Unlike a bottle of wine, which you enjoy and then it’s gone, great glassware can be used over and over again. Many Idaho wineries offer engraved wine glasses that you can gift for those who stan a particular brand. For example, Cinder Wines in Garden City offers a beautiful set, in addition to other branded accessories – including refillable wine flasks, professional corkscrews, travel tumblers, clothing, blankets and more.

For even more variety, your friends at the Idaho Wine Commission have a number of options for you to consider. Messages include, "Drink Idaho Wine" or "Escape with Idaho Wine," printed on plastic cups. Or you can commemorate "Sippin' in the City" with stemless glasses or long-stem options that celebrate "Savor Idaho." To order, please email:

For an added personal touch, you can personalize your glassware gift with a monogram or other original message. At Indian Creek Winery, they'll not only customize your wine glasses, they'll even help you create the artwork. Or, if you really want to flex, you can create your own custom wine labels (12-bottle minimum order).

In addition to glasses and bottles, wine decanters and carafes are other great ideas for serious wine drinkers (or those who aspire to be).

The cheesier, the better

Okay, you've got the wine. Now what? This one's a no-brainer. Wine and cheese go together like Pinot and Gruyere, Champagne and Brie, Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar and... Well, you get the idea.

But cheese is not the only Robin to wine's Batman. There's a whole other league of savory and sweet sidekicks to add more WOW! to your gift. There's a nearly endless selection of salumi, a plethora of patés, troves of terrines, a medley of mixed nuts and collections of chocolates to give even more flavor.

And here's another lesser-known, easy-to-score extra you can find anywhere this time of year: popcorn! For example, freshly popped popcorn with salt and real butter is a perfect match for crisp white and sparkling wines.

Ciders & spritzers

The holidays aren't just for wine. Cider is a wonderful addition to any holiday get-together. Is it even the holidays without hot mulled cider to warm the bones after coming in from the cold?) And the folks at Meriwether Cider Company are clearly ready to help you raise your gift game. In addition to a fine selection of holiday-themed ciders – Cranberry Crosscut or Candied Pecan, anyone?), there are also "Cozy Bundles" of blankets, beanies, mugs and more that'll keep the people on your list warm and cozy all winter long.

Gift cards

Listen, long gone are the days when giving gift cards was considered a quick and impersonal way to get through your gift list. Today, next to cash, gift cards are the #1 most-requested gift during the holidays. More importantly, gift cards make it easy to stay within your budget. And if you're like us, that's more important this year than ever.

And when you give a gift card to someone's favorite Idaho winery shows that you’ve been paying attention. Or for variety's sake, go with a wine tour. Sunshine Wine Tours, which treats your giftees to an insider’s look at some of the hidden secrets and lesser-known gems of the Snake River Valley, offers one-hour gift certificates for well under $100.

For members only

It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long: wine club memberships. Wine clubs are now a regular fixture of Idaho wineries. Many clubs come with multiple levels to meet members where they are in their wine journey — from novice to master. But for most, it's the deals and discounts (usually somewhere between 10 to 20%) that make wine clubs worthwhile.
But before making committing to any club, we recommend you call or visit the winery of your choice to confirm the details of their wine club membership (timing of shipments, subscription costs and fees, perks, etc.) and ask any questions you have.

The perfect gift

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