7 ways to support Idaho wine from home

Posted by Idaho Wine Commission on Apr 15, 2020

Are the contents of your wine rack dwindling faster than your stash of toilet paper?

Well, you've come to the right place! While maintaining the appropriate amount of social distance, we've put together this quick guide of Idaho wineries that are still very open and very essential. So you can restock without leaving home.

Most Idaho wineries now offer some form of curbside pickup, others deliver to your door, and many have online specials. (Has there ever been a more inviting promo code than STOCKUP?)

Now, for those of you questioning how wineries are essential businesses when every place other than grocery stores and gas stations have shut down, we have to ask... Do you even have kids?

Okay, we kid. But seriously, grapes are a very big deal in the potato state. In case you've forgotten how big, check out our previous blog on the economic impact Idaho wines have on our economy. (Roughly $210 million per year!)

So there's no question about it. Our wineries need your support more than ever. Here are seven super easy ways you can make sure our winemakers are still around once the virus is not.

1. Order wine online or by phone
This one's so easy. Do you like wine? Yes. Do you have a phone or computer? Yes. You're already halfway done! Now, just choose your favorite winery and order as much as you like. You don't even have to leave the house.

2. Consider curbside pickup
But if you're looking for excuses to get out of the house, curbside pickup is available at most places. Check beforehand for any special instructions (some require an appointment, have special hours or designated pickup locations).

3. Host a virtual happy hour
No one wants to drink alone. Thanks to technology, no one has to! Invite friends, family or coworkers for a virtual happy hour and show off your best bottle of Idaho wine and see what your friends are drinking. Best part is, pants are optional! Having a bad-hair day? So are the rest of us!

4. Add wine to your list
Running low on the essentials (like bread, grapes and cheese?) Add a bottle to your grocery list. Actually, throw in a few bottles. I mean, you've already decided to venture out among the masses, why be conservative now? Go big or go home!

5. Join a wine club

Birds of a feather drink together. Or something like that. Actually, wine clubs offer much more than a sense of belonging. There is a regular supply of rare and interesting wines, sneak previews of new bottles and—best of all—discounts! Welcome to the club.

6. Spread support online
In the biz, we call it LCS: Like, comment and share. It's the easiest way to support Idaho wine online. Simply stay engaged with your favorite wineries' websites and social media accounts. Tag them in your own posts and let them know you're drinking about them. LCS cuts both ways!

7. Curl up with a good book
Idaho has more than 60 wineries and more than 1,300 acres of planted grapes. Explore them all from the comfort of your home with our 2020 Tour Brochure! Order a complimentary hard copy or read it online right now. It's the best way to plan future trips to your favorite wineries when it's okay to do so.

Don't bottle up your feelings

Like it or not, staying in is the new going out... for now. If that means moonwalking from the bedroom to the kitchen for a glass of Merlot, so be it! At least we have wine. So, go ahead and uncork a bottle and enjoy a glass to your health without worry.

We will get through this together. As for the toilet paper...

Well, you're on your own.

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