Idaho Wines For Every Personality   on Your Gift List

This holiday season, gift a taste of Idaho's finest to your loved ones, because let’s face it, wine is the best present ever! It’s personal, delightful, and leaves a lasting impression. Gifting wine is a gesture that says, "I know you, and I celebrate every delightful facet of who you are."

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And there's an Idaho wine for every personality—making your Christmas celebrations merrier, brighter, and, of course, a bit more spirited. Dive into the art of gifting Idaho wines and find out which bottles fit the different personalities in your life.

Viognier For The Easy-Going Comedian

Viognier is like the life of the party—relatively high on the alcohol scale, but with the charm to win over even the pickiest of palates. It's a white wine that's dry but feels soft and round, like a stand-up comedian who knows when to drop the punchline. It has a unique ability to smell sweet, teasing your senses, only to surprise you with its delicious dryness.

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Viognier is for those who appreciate life's lighter side. Viognier is like that person you always want to sit next to at a dinner party, adding warmth and charm to the occasion. So, as you consider your gift list, think of Viognier as the perfect companion for the generous souls in your life, the ones who deserve a taste of something as delightful as they are.

Syrah For The Rugged Adventurer

This bold red wine is an adventure in a sip. With an alcohol kick that commands attention, Syrah is like a captivating campfire story. Also known as Shiraz, this wine carries the weight of a Merlot, but it's the fuller-than-full body that makes it stand out among the rest. The sultry notes of smoke, the richness of black fruit, and the kick of pepper spice, all blend together in perfect harmony.

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Syrah is the rebel with a cause, balancing its wild side with an earthy, rustic charm that appeals to those who are a bit serious, grounded, and outdoorsy. Picture the rugged adventurer in your life, the person who finds solace in the great outdoors. Syrah is for the steak-loving, hamburger-grilling, mushroom-sautéing individual who knows that life's flavors are meant to be savored intensely. It’s the perfect wine for those who appreciate the depth, complexity, and grounded authenticity that Syrah brings to the table.

Tempranillo For The Seasoned Connoisseur

Tempranillo is a true red gem with a medium to full body. Similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine offers a symphony of flavors starting with cherries and plums, gracefully evolving into the subtle notes of vanilla and leather. It offers a blend of big flavors with a translucent texture and smooth finish, like a well-crafted story that lingers and leaves a lasting impression.

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Tempranillo matures like a cherished memory, maintaining its freshness and evolving into something even more special. With its diverse style and easy-drinking nature, Tempranillo is crafted for the moments of reflection, shared laughter, and life lessons. It’s the best gift for grandparents who appreciate the artistry of a well-aged wine and the joy of toasting to a lifetime of love.

Chardonnay For The Friend Who Feels Like Home

Served chilled, this white wine is a symphony of natural flavors—crisp apples, pears, and citrus—with some chalky or mineral-like aromas. Chardonnay is incredibly versatile with flavors varying significantly while also retaining common and reliable characteristics.

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Known as the most popular white wine, Chardonnay is the perfect gift for your go-to friend who provides guidance and support. They’re extremely easy to get along with and avoid conflict at all costs, allowing them to seamlessly adapt to diverse situations. Like a refreshing glass of Chardonnay after a long day of work, they provide that comforting touch that eases the stress away.

Red Blend For The Sophisticated Sipper

With the boldness of a Cabernet Sauvignon, the softness of a Merlot and the spiciness of Syrah, a red blend provides a symphony of flavors. It’s an artful composition of complexity and depth that promises a rich and rewarding experience in every glass.


A classic red blend is the perfect gift for the sophisticated souls in your life. The ones who quietly sit back and savor each sip. They may seem like a quiet observer, but they’re wise beyond their years, with humble knowledge that’s only shared after a few glasses of wine. Gift a bottle of Idaho’s red blend to the suave individuals in your life who deserve a present as complex as they are.

Sparkling White Wine For The Life of The Party

Characterized by their refreshing and bubbly nature, sparkling white wine offers a lively and celebratory experience with every sip. Whether it's dry and crisp or sweet and floral, these bubbly concoctions showcase a range of flavors and styles. 

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Sparkling white wine is tailor-made for the young, fun, and bubbly personalities in your life. Picture the friend who turns every gathering into a celebration, the one with infectious energy bringing a refreshing breath of air into the room. They’re the person you want to celebrate life’s precious moments with. Pop the cork, raise a glass and toast to the ones who make every moment sparkle.

All of these wines are made in Idaho, so visit your favorite Idaho winery to purchase a bottle (or two) for the special people in your life. Cheers to gifting moments as rich and diverse as the flavors in every bottle!